The Twise Cliffhanging Representative - I Thought I Heard You Callin My Name


Another decision

The work week passes uneventfully for Uno, just like most of his work weeks usually do. He eats cheese sandwiches, ready meals and goes to work as usual, where he manages numbers and calculates things as usual. On the surface nothing appears to have changed, no one at work notices anything, and early in the mornings and late in the evenings he walks past my window with long determined steps; eyes fixed on the sidewalk about fifteen feet in front of him. But in his head an image has started to form, the idea of ​​Miami, and every night Uno ...

A conference in France?

I've been looking for a place to have conferences in France. I'm planning to go there for the next conference. I think that my coworkers will like that a lot. I mean, who doesn't like France? An especially Paris that is the city of love, you just got to love it! But we won't have it in Paris though. But the rest of France is very nice too. So I'm going to find a good place for our conference. Maybe we will go there more often for the conferences. It'll be like a tradition!